Wedding Photography Pricing and Packages

When shopping for a photographer for your wedding, you will likely encounter photographers who offer a variety of different wedding packages and pricing strategies. Since most photography studios are small businesses it is not surprising to find a wide range of pricing methods and costs. A wedding photographer in Sydney may use a totally different pricing methodology from a wedding profession in the states. It’s important to just do your research and do your best to compare apples to apples when looking at wedding and portrait photographers.

Package Pricing

Package pricing is something most consumers are already used to and can help guide couples into the different photography services and products that they are likely to need.  Some photographers will create three packages following a good, better, and best model.  This is a common technique used to create three different service levels that allows the photographer to accommodate a variety of different client budgets.

Ala Carte Pricing

Some photographers will instead offer an ala carte pricing menu where you can buy services (photography on an hourly basis) or products (Wall Canvas, etc.) on a per item basis. This can allow couples to save money by picking and choosing only the services that they want and need. Some critics of package pricing don’t like the fact that they often get something in their photography package that they don’t particularly want or need. By shopping off an ala carte menu, they are able to pick just the items they want.

Hybrid Model

In truth, most photographers offer both a hybrid of both package and Ala Carte Pricing models. Couples can take advantage of the package price discounts and then add-on ala carte items as needed to get exactly what they are looking for.